Technolasko is a unique and potent talent within his native New York City’s densely populated music community; a rare blend of imaginary meets disciplined, a bona fide tastemaker who distinguishes himself by breaking his own boundaries with an open mind and embracing heart.

By listening to the higher call to expand his creative dimensions – albeit through music or as a visual artist (photographer) – Marvin’s visceral knack for creating works of art is evident in his rising tide of successes. Through hard work and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he has garnered recognition and respect from the New York scene and clubbers alike.

Originally falling under the spell of artists like Sasha and Digweed, most recently his growing love for modern artists like Gui Boratto and Francesca Lombardo, have inspired him to delve deeper into the world of sonic art, blocking out the world around him to explore the depths of his artistry.

The result is constantly unfolding and evolving. Over just a few years you can hear Marvin’s ascension as a DJ as he effortlessly blends old school sounds absorbing them with new ones – bridging the gap from dance music generations. He reinforces the abiding importance of house and techno music throughout the perpetual cycles of trends, along with his ability to command a crowd big or small – reflects the vision, passion, and love of music that drives him.

Marvin’s inspirations are drawn from his experiences, the sounds of the city that surround him, his intuition that guides him on spiritual levels, thus it is impossible to label Marvin in one generic classification of artists.

At the forefront of a new generation of DJ/Producers, Technolasko is spreading his story of cutting edge, moving, bumping house and techno music alike to dance floors around the world. . .

- Marv212
- Technolasko

Past Residencies:
- Sullivan Room NYC
- National Underground NYC